When Two Spirits Meet, Sex is better than that on Adult Movies

When I think about sex, it is not only about the physical attraction and the body image. I am one of those people who has to have a connection on a mental level in order to have mind-blowing sex. If the person is right, everything goes: from simple kissing to all the nasty things that you can see on those porn videos.


Therefore, once I and my husband met, and I realized that I’m looking at a person that whose spirit and mine are twin spirits. We understood each other on so many levels that I knew right away that the sex is about to be great. That is why I didn’t wait a minute that very night we met and I invited him to come back to my place after the party.

I lit a couple of scented candles, turned off the lights, played some soft music and opened a bottle of wine. We gazed at each other’s eyes and then I started dancing to that music, slowly undressing myself. I am a good dancer and I can be quite a tease, so I knew that this would arouse him. He responded to my dance by slowly approaching me from behind, cupping my both tits with his hands, moving slowly in rhythm with me.

I could feel that his cock is hardening as it was pressed beside my ass. I moved my hips to rub it and it felt amazing. With one of his hands, he played with my tits, at the same time kissing my neck sensually and with his other hand, he reached all the way down to my panties. He didn’t go for my clit right away, but circled around it carefully, just brushing against it from time to time. It was just the way I like it.

I reached for his cock with my both hands and started gently caressing it over his pants. We spent a while in that amazing and sexy hug before we decided that it was high time we lost all our clothes.

We were soon naked and I didn’t want to wait another minute before getting down with him. I simply got down on the floor, totally naked, raised my hands above my head and spread my legs, bending them in my knees. He knelt before me, touching my knees, looking at my dripping wet twat for a while. Then he gently got down and kissed my clit. I thought I was about to explode.

Although I wanted it so hard, his gentle and slow movements teased me and made me lose my patience. Even though, him licking my pussy like that was amazing, I practically begged him to give me his cock. He entered slowly, inch by inch until the whole thing was inside.

The feeling of fulfillment was thrilling!
“Now, pull it out, and jam it back in as hard as you can!”